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Watch Letters to Freedom NOW

Watch Letters to Freedom Now! Experience the award winning story about unconditional love and bravery!


About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Project

C.A.V.I.D Is a studio production company residing int eh tri-state area of PA, NJ, and NYC. goal is to create inspiring, educational, and entertaining content for the pleasure of it's viewers. We see the work we do as a gift to our audience. All of our content is made with full of hearts, genuine passion, and God's guidance. Every project we make, we put the hearts and minds of the viewers at the for front. C.A.V.I.D also strives to help support small businesses by using our skills and equipment to create content that'll help the growth of a business. We work to help small businesses  flourish, reach new customers, guest, and clients.


Meet Joshua Williams

Our Story

C.A.V.I.D is an independent Studio company owned by Joshua Williams. C.A.V.I.Dwas originally created in the 1980's by Jeffrey Williams, the father of Joshua, but it was put to a halt for many years. Joshua has taken over his father's legacy reviving C.A.V.I.D and continuing the animation and creative work that C.A.V.I.D was created for in the beginning.

Joshua Williams is a passionate visual artist and storyteller. Originally from West Philadelphia, Joshua's work has reached into the worlds of theatre, film, and dance. At the young age of 8, Joshua began teaching himself 3-D animation and visual storytelling. After studying at the New York Film Academy, Joshua went on to work on many projects and win multiple awards for is visual work in film and storytelling. Joshua's work continues to inspire and touch the hearts of many who experience it.

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